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All My Good Days

Written by Lakesha Woods

I’ve had my good days and I’ve had my bad, but when I think about all my good days and all my bad days. All of my good days out weigh my bad days … so I won’t complain!     

     Familiar with that one … It’s a song that teaches the very essence of appreciation. It’s easy to lose focus when the matters at hand are so overwhelming. Holding on to anxieties and cautioning our every move. Flash backs of the past and regrets which follow. Let go and let God is often a cliché and when we try to focus on the positive things in life sometimes we have to force ourselves to visualize the good.

     What does that say about human behavior? What does that say about our level of motivation? How does a person get past the hurt, pain and anxieties? The garbage that has our minds bogged, arteries clogged and our physical ability impaired. Well, I’m no psychologist, I’m just Kesha, but I can tell you that it will certainly be worth your wild to just keep on keeping on! Don’t give up! When you feel like you’ve had enough that’s when the rain really starts to pour.

    *There were many nights when I just rocked myself to sleep for one reason or another. I don’t have to share this with you all, but there’s something inside of me and I need to reach someone, anyone who may have or maybe going through the same things. As I think about my trials tears are coming to my eyes, but it’s only because I am glad to know that my good days out weighed my bad days and I am here. 

     When faced with difficulties I would jump on the phone and call my family and friends. I really appreciate having family and true friends; people who give it to me straight. But having someone lend an ear wasn’t always the solution to the problem. In fact it never was; it only allowed me to vent.

     What’s wrong with me, I would ask myself. I’m sad, I can’t see past my pain. Why can’t I let it go? What’s wrong with me, I would ask myself. I haven’t found my niche’ yet. I don’t like to be sad. In fact, I love to laugh and when I realized that my disgusting negativity was robbing me of who I really am. I said enough is enough. I want to be happy and I’m going to be happy!

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