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Blood or Bond

Written by Lakesha Woods

Blood may be thicker than water but is blood the true bond between people or the only component that makes up a family? Biologically a family is composed of relatives by kinship but emotionally a family is composed of people who have a bond and that bond is what allows them to share their lives with one another as a family.

      Blood: genetics and family traits join people through physical appearance ... that mole - the Jones laugh... the Peters walk - that Smith hair texture or that stingie bone inherited from great-great grandfather Kincaid. Yes, all the noticeable genes and traits develop a kinship and would more than like make one feel relatively familiar with even a distance family member but does that blood connection really make them a family?

      A bond between unrelated people can be stronger than a blood connection. Many people have great extended families; a grandma that's really a neighbor, a sister who started out as a best-friend or a solider who is now considered as a brother. People bond closer to outsiders for many reasons. Is it wrong to be closer to unrelated people? Should the family unit focus on building a stronger family unit because of blood relationships? Or, is it OK to 'get in where you fit in' and build a family based on mutual bonds? It's really no brain teaser but the saying "blood is thicker than water" has often stemmed controversy among those who were adopted into families or accepted more by outsiders than by blood relatives.

     Sometimes the people within a blood family just don't understand how to be a family member. A family is suppose to sick together, not sick to certain family members, while forgetting others. A family shouldn't be distant and unconcerned about the well-being of their blood. What many blood relatives take for granted is that blood in only the connection but the bond is what keeps that family together. If we do not bond, the kinship is vain ... no results of a family unit will be developed and soon there will be no one to call family.

     We must learn how to bond to keep our families together no matter what the family unit consist of. ... real family or play family... family is family. That being said, a bond goes beyond a generation and runs deeper than blood. So if you want your blood to be thicker than water, take note and get your families to bond in order to bare fruitful relationships among their kin.

Bonding tips:

·Start by having immediate family meetings that include the mother, father, sister, brother and or with step-parents and step children.

·Then have extended family meetings or gatherings that include your children’s' grandparents, aunts, uncles, your nieces and nephews.

·Plan family reunions or annual events ... If there has been a break down in communication between family members, regular gatherings may be a great way to gradually bring them closer. Plan a weekly or monthly family dinner, a potluck is a great way to get participation from family members. Everyone likes to be included even if they do not come so collect email address and send out an e-invite or collect cell phone numbers and send out reminders via text alerts.

· Start an online family photo album, this will allow family members to remotely stay connected and it will allow them to see family that lives in other states.

·Start a family trust fund, this will allow family members to contribute to an account that would aid members of the family when they are in need. This could be tricky and may be opposed by those who are pessimistic but if an outside financial planner or banker is overseeing the account this could be a great confidence builder within the family. Everyone wants to feel as though they can turn to their family if ever in need and this would be added comfort, eliminate some level of shame and allow a member to confidently go to their family because they know that the family as a whole has been saving for rainy days

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