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Music Box Volume 8 May 15, 2008

Calvin Richardson - The Soul Prince is Back!

Calvin really let go with "When Love Comes", it's hot! With sassy lyrics and music to match, songs like "Sexy Love" and "Holla At You"  keep the fire under my feet and they make me wanna hit the dance floor! Well Calvin said he don't wanna "Sang No More", and I've often said that I don't wanna write no more and I wasn't going to but how could I deny the Prince of Soul his props. His work comes from his soul and it represents quality music, it's what we've craved for so long.

Now before you go popin' the CD in your players be careful because you're about to experience Calvin on another level. He sings of love and when it comes to making friends he explains that there's no other friend better than love. "Make Friends With Love" it touched my soul, it made me cry. Yes, that's right, it made me cry. "Make Friends With Love", that's the new lover's anthem! "Fire In The Attic" ... there'll be no rushin' up in here ... hot lyrics! What more could I say, Calvin, you took it all the way home on this album! It's a soul lovers delight fueled with passion and his rugget yet smooth vocals compliment it all like icing on a cake! YOU SANG CALVIN! GO CALVIN! And remember - Lakesha said that!



Purchase "When Love Comes" Now! (Amazon). Enjoy Life readers ... this is one album that will definitely help you ENJOY LIFE! Calvin also has a new label by the name of Nu Mo Records (Nu Motown). Fans, you can also find his new website here: iamcalvinrichardson.com.

Music Box Volume 5 Issue 9, November 15, 2006

Calvin Richardson - Music Man, Ladies Man, Business Man...

The New Prince of Soul!

Who is Calvin Richardson? Who is this Soul Singer from the South? Who is this Grammy nominated Songwriter? WHO IS THIS GUY?! Well, let’s see … he’s packed in an error proof body, covered with Carmel Brown Skin and he seals it up with a cute boyish smile –not often displayed in pictures, but when he does Ladies … his smile warms your heart. MMM –MMM Sounds good doesn’t he; well his physical appearance is just a small blessing, because his voice magnifies the true essence of Soul music. Calvin Richardson is bad … THE BADDEST SOUL SINGER that’s on and popin’ these days and he’s on fire with songs that make sense.


Born and raised in Monroe, North Carolina, Calvin received his first experience with music and singing through the church. During my interview with him he expressed that he was never limited to just gospel music and he compares his style to artist such as Bobby Womack and Al Green. Calvin not only sings, but he writes and plays several instruments: the guitar, drums and keyboard. He plays by ear and he’s never taken lessons! He’s a musical prodigy (in his own right) but Calvin won’t brag … he’s very humble and modest, which makes him stand out (as an artist) even more.


With his focus on singing Calvin makes sure that he writes from his heart and he pulls from his life’s experiences. His sound is unique and his lyrics compliment his voice. I love REAL MUSIC and Calvin Richardson is singing about what’s real! Unlike today’s average R&B singer, Calvin is a young man writing about universal issues in relationships. While most of today’s young artists are merely concerned about putting out a good beat and a tight hook; Calvin is pulling his vibes from the rhythm of his heart and sing from his soul. I asked Calvin if he really means what he writes about. I asked him if he’s really the type of guy that believes in taking care of his woman and with out hesitation in a smooth mellow tone, he replied by saying, “Yes, yes I am. Every man needs and wants a good woman – that someone to stand in his corner and be there for him. That’s just real, everything else is just superficial. And for the artist who don’t write about having a good woman or taking care of a woman, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to.”  I asked Calvin for his definition of a love song and he said, “A love song is speaking on the purest things that can be said between two people … in a song. That’s a love song to me.”


Being that he’s scored several movies, it leads me to believe that he’s a popular choice in the film industry as well. Bringing Down the House (starring Queen Latifah), Mr. 3000 (starring Bernie Mac), Friday after Next, The Haunted Mansion, Love Don’t cost a Thing, Kings Ransom and Deliver Us from Eva (starring LL Cool J and Gabrielle Union) have all featured songs by Calvin Richardson. Setting the scene … that’s what it’s all about and his music certainly has a way of warming me up. He’s a well rounded artist and an excellent performer.


Oh, yes! I must give credit to his stage performance. Without a doubt Calvin Richardson is an ENTERTAINER.  I saw him perform in Delaware and the intimate setting was gathered by women ranging from their early twenties to late forties. As I sat at my table anxiously anticipating his arrival to the microphone … the lights dimmed just a bit more, the smoke fused across the stage and then Calvin casually strolled out; decked in a sharp cream colored suit, with just an accent of gray peeking through from his shirt and a glass of wine in his left hand. OH MY GOD! Talk about Southern hospitality! Calvin took us back and shared songs from his first album "Country Boy", new songs from his upcoming album "C.R.I.B". and his last album "2:35PM". He interacts with his audience, he walked through and held a few hands; singing to each woman as though it were just the two of them in the room. He can also set it off with the power in his vocals. So don’t be fooled by the relaxed melody because he can take it to church and swept you off your feet! Throughout his performance the ladies were calling his name; Ooooing and laughing and agreeing with the message in his songs. 


     Calvin Richardson, the Music Man, Ladies Man and yes he’s a Business Man too. Taking control of his destiny in this industry, he’s starting from scratch with REEL SOULE, his new record label. Calvin expressed that his long awaited return has been due to the fact that he’s been working diligently on establishing his business. I asked Calvin if there had been any major challenges with starting his own label and he said, “Working on distribution but that’s just business.” Then I asked Calvin what type of qualities would an artist need to have to be signed to his label and he replied by saying, “I’m looking for the artist who understands how to write a song.” He has a vision of success set out for himself with long term goals set aside for directing videos, and maybe even some Blockbuster movies. In his own words Calvin described himself as creative he also said that his hope is to become a pioneer in the music industry setting a standard for a better quality of music.


So that’s who Calvin Richardson is, the Soul Singer from the South, Grammy nominated Songwriter, The Music Man, Ladies Man and Business Man … The New Prince of Soul. Visit Calvin Richardson’s website today:  http://www.calvinrichardson.info/main.html 


Enjoy Life Magazine would like to give a special thanks to Ian Grant from Revolutionary Entertainment for arranging this interview. Visit Revolutionary Entertainment today! http://www.revolutionaryentertainment.net/

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