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Unsigned Hype August 2007

Cenc Love, Young Fresh and Green

By Lakesha Woods

Cenc Love young fresh and green … Well, let Cenc tell it she is not green to the game at all and she is ready to make some noise and turn some heads. Cenc is the daughter of Bunny Wailer. Bunny Wailer was one of the original Wailers that sang with Bob Marley. Cenc is a multi – talented musicians who discovered her talent for music while she was in college. She’s an avid reader and writer as well.  She has a love for the arts across the board and she even designs visual arts and fashion.

Cenc says that her first thought was to avoid singing but for the past four or five years she has really been exploring the option and giving her talent as a singer a fair chance. Once she realized that she was definitely going to pursue a career as an entertainer she seriously began to consider her style and how she would transition into the industry. She really didn’t want to make her debut as an artist as "daddy's little princess”, as she explains. With all the love, respect and admiration that she has for her father, she still works hard at developing her own identity, as she has fears of walking in his shadow, being compared to him and expected to be just as good as him or better.

Cenc says that she is Reggae/Dance hall but she has a lot of influence from the States being that she has lived here for 9 years. Her music delivers a messages but she feels as though her experiences and exposure to other cultures is helping her to develop her own original style. I asked Cenc how is it that she balances here creativity and talents and she said that she is still in the process of learning how to balance all 100! She said, “You know how people say if you do too many things at one time you won’t get anything accomplished; Well, I disagree”. Cenc says if she has a show, she has the ability to design her own customs, or she could use her writing ability to write and the list goes on. She uses every talent to compliment the other and basically to take care of Cenc Love.

According to Cenc, music is naturally first. “Even, if I don’t have a pen to draw a dress, music is in my head”.Cenc Love is presently working her first album. You can find Cenc Love on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/cencwailermusic.

Much love, Peace and Blessings to Cenc Love from the Enjoy Life Magazine family.

Update: Your are Listening to CenC` Love's Single "A Little More Time"

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