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Event: Queen City Center Stage, Grand Opening Celebrity Ribbon Cutting
"Queen City Center Stage, The Grand Opening"
By Lakesha Woods
Published January 2012

Queen City Center Stage's grand opening, celebrity ribbon cutting event was December 17, 2011 and it was grand! Among the stars where special invited celebrities from the music and film industry. A host of print, television, radio and online media representatives where in attendance in addition to political, religious and community leaders. This very intimate affair was hosted by Jorge Alvarez-Washington, he's a musician and Online WebTV Personality at DeUnequeTV on Ustream. Honestly he's a celebrity in his own right yet he humbly graced Center Stage with a modest spirit and kindly welcomed every guest, ushering each performer to the mic with the sound of his voice as they took center stage.

Seasoned artists and veteran actresses all camouflaged ... they fit right in ... no paparazzi and the vibe was nice. It was like being in a chill spot ... you know a place where everybody is everybody and no one is left off the "A list". Besides, I think the person who put together the guest list did their homework very well because if you were in the building then you were a person who had something to offer and that's what Center Stage is all about (in my opinion) it gives people an opportunity and a forum for them to present their best.  Mr. Alvarez-Washington reiterated several times that Center Stage is not a club.

He said, "Its a multicultural, multimedia communications center". He also encouraged the young adults to be humble while they are on their road to success and stardom, he told them that they could be celebrities too someday, but they must stay humble.

(Tony Lelo and Simply Beverly)

Some of the entertainers who performed and actors that came out were: Singer/Songwriter Tony Lelo,  Actress Resharma Coleman & Beverly Moore aka Simply Beverly, Spoken Word Artist, Zetta Chandler-Roberts aka"The Quiet Poet", and Actress, Samaria Graham.

(Left: Open area to the Right: "The Quiet Poet")

Right now there isn't any signage and the venue is located in a warehouse, a little hit or miss type of location. If you're not familiar with the area you need to pay attention cause you might miss the building.  Nevertheless, the inside is nicely decorated and filed with equipment, furniture and art. To find out more information about Queen City Center Stage visit them on Facebook