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Vol. 5 Issue 10 | Music Box features Conya Doss

"An Angel's Voice & Yet So Down to Earth"

By Lakesha Woods
Published Dec. 15, 2007

It's as though our clocks where synchronized. We scheduled to speak to one another on Friday December 8th at three o'clock pm. I called Conya Doss and she answered on time! It was like speaking to an old girlfriend from school or from around the neighborhood. Conya Doss, the sultry Soul Singer who attests that what she's doing is nothing brand new. We laughed as we compared our favorite old school artist; we arrived on a common ground with Angela Winbush being a favorite for both of us. Conya has been making her way through the music industry for sometime now and with three albums under her belt she is stepping into high gear.

At the age of 16, Conya started to pursue a professional interest in music and although she openly admits that singing wasn't her first choice she is enthused when she speaks of it as though it is her final answer. She went on to say that family and friends have been her biggest motivation for staying in the business. Conya attended the Cleveland School of Performing Arts and after college she auditioned for Tony Nicholas and she went on to sing for the group Lyrik. Conya has also contributed her writing talents to the group 3LW. Swaying back and forth with her decision to be an artist; she was constantly encouraged by Tony to keep going. During my conversation with her, she really accredits him as "that someone" who kept giving her that extra push.

The music industry is tough and as the saying goes ... only the strong will survive -RIGHT! So I asked Ms. Doss, to share with us her feelings on the industry and her place in it as a woman. Conya simply said, "The music industry is a very male chauvinist industry". Conya almost gave up on singing and the music industry after her first album. She went on to say that she didn't see one dime from the first album "A Poem About Ms. Doss". She also expressed her feelings by saying, "If it wasn't for family and friends and my producers pushing me I would have given up" Since then, Conya has established her own record label (Conya Doss Songs / Unique Beat Recordings ) and she wears a hat or two trying to run things properly, but she feels that in the long run it will defiantly be worth the struggle. She also brags on her two favorite producers Rodney Jones and Myrone Davis, they keep her intact musically.

When I first heard her voice I compared her sound to Mary J. Blige, I mentioned this to Conya and I asked her what was her take on it. Conya didn't deny that (vocally) she's been compared to artist like Mary J. Blige or Lauren Hill; she simply agreed that they have some similarities but she has a flare of her own and she's Conya Doss! When I asked her what is it that she wants the world to know about her she said that she wants the world to know that she's down to earth and that she is working very hard, she appreciates her fans and that she is constantly working toward bringing good music to the public. She is truely a humble young lady.

Conya is performing in various cities in the US and in Europe promoting her new ablum Just Because. To find out more information on Conya Doss and to listen to her music visit www.conyadoss.com or visit her on myspace at www.myspace.com/conyadoss.

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