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Creating Your Reality 
   By Lakesha Woods

 How did I get here? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you ever wandered how you ended up in your current situation? Whether it’s a good situation moderate or just out right bad …I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind. We create our reality daily. What is your reality? Your reality is your current situation, not where you’ve been, not where you’re going, but your life as it is today. Where you were in life 10 years ago helped you to create the reality you live in today, nevertheless, your reality is your present life’s situation and it is created by you on a daily basis.

     Believe it or not your life is what you make it. I’d often rationalize with myself, acknowledging my mistakes first, and then I would always conclude that one reason or another was why my reality is what it is today. What I learned was that I will never gain a moment of yesterday back, but that I can learn from my past mistakes and move forward. I also learned not to flash back so much on negative memories, it slows your day down and you can’t enjoy today when you’re living in yesterday.  I have a friend who once shouted at me angrily because I was thinking about things that I didn’t have. I was thinking about my situation (at the time) in a negative way. My friend became very angry and in so many words he said that I was acting ungrateful. He also asked me a question that has stuck with me since then. He asked me who controls my thoughts. I answered him and said I do; I control my thoughts. Hearing myself out loud acknowledge that I’m in control of my thoughts really made me realize that I am also in control of my life and that I needed to regroup and do better. I realized that pondering on things that I don’t have control over, comparing my life’s accomplishments to someone else and feeling sorry for my self was a waste of time.

      So what does all that mumbo jumbo mean; it simply means that we have the ability to make life what we want it to be. Your fate is based on the choices that you make today. The choices that you make today will reflect your tomorrow and while you can’t erase yesterday and you can’t fast forward to tomorrow, you can live in the present and create your reality day by day.
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  • Title: "Creating Your Reality"
  • Author: Lakesha Woods
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