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"Danny Rich, My Music Is All That I am"

Written by Lakesha Woods | Published  2007

Above anything that I could ever write about Daniel Richardson, I would have to say that Danny is one of the most sincerest (old) souls  that I have ever encountered. He has an honest and humble ambiance about himself and his music portrays that as well. He doesn't use profanity in his lyrics and his sound is new with a lot of old school mixed in here and there ... you can here it in his runs and riffs.

Daniel Richardson grew up in Baltimore, ... a professed church boy and self taught musician. Danny admits that he was running from his musical calling. After seeing how much stress his older brother (former  member  of the group  Ruff Endz)  went through. Danny said that he just didn't want to deal with it. It wasn't until he and D Goode (a close friend from college) began to perform as a local group; showing off their talent at local places like the Fudger.

So, 'what does he write about, what does he want the world to know about him? Well, Danny, like many songwriters that I speak to says, that he writes about the experiences that he's had in his life. He openly discussed his life as a child. He said, "I grew up in the church, and in a ruff  household; ... I try not to let things sweat me; ... I write without having the pressure of trying to please a commercial industry. The most rewarding thing for me is knowing that people appreciate it because I give my music my all".

"... More like a throw back to the future"!

Danny has built a foundation of morals in his heart as well and he isn't willing to compromise his beliefs or the quality of his musical content. Being that he is a young man, he shocked me when he asked, "Where are those songs that healed hearts or carried people through bad times"? He went on to say that he'd liked to be that person to bring back those types of feel good songs. He does plan to keep his music current by giving his fans that club - get em' right type of song every now and then (my expression not his) but he also plans to keep it real and present a positive move through his music.

Presently Danny is working hard to develop his production team H.I.T.M.- History in the Making. The production team consist of vocalist, songwriters, musicians and producers. They're creating songs and getting them ready for placement with other artists. Danny has aspirations of owning a Christian Record label, he's envisioned it to have an emphasis on the development of youth artists. His hopes also include being noted as a great musician to be exact, he said, "More like a throw back to the future"!

Thanks Danny for taking the time to share your story. You can visit Danny Rich on myspace