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A Jack of all Trades
daRome Bentley ~ Atlanta's Newest Rave

By Lakesha Woods

daRome Bentley has had a love for singing and music since he was four years old singing in the choir. He's a former Missouri resident and he  is presently living in Atlanta, Georgia. Going back a few years; daRome says was circulating an industry party when he met one of Dallas Austin's Intern's. This particular Intern was so impressed with daRome's style until he encouraged him to have a demo ready for their very next meeting. DaRome was certainly putting in his dues and before you know it he was relocating toAtlanta. Between ghost writing and submitting tacks for placemement, daRome was doing voiceovers, jingles and eventually shows ... a musical jack of all trades.
It's no secret that the music industry evolves around competition, countless critiques, doubters and MP3's - (Music Politicians to the 3 power).  Knowing the ups and downs daRome remains positive inspite it all. When I asked him how he handles constructive critisizm he said,
"True talent will always rise to the top". I also asked him about creating longivitiy in the industry and daRome went on to say, "You have to be a jack of all trades to make it in this industry. That's what a real entertainer does".

Being multi-talented is certainy a benefit to this young man and he is very eager to use all of his talents. He's interested in going into flim production and acting. daRome is also a choreographer and he has hopes of opening a dance studio. I asked him, "daRome what are some your goals while in the music industry"? DaRome said, "I want to maitain my creative abilitiy. My right to do what I love to do when I want to". With a sincerity and convection in his voice he went on to say, "My goal is to have my music heard around the world". His first album “Ever Endeavor” was released on his label Soulective Enterprise. daRome views it as a compliation of three genres of music: Mainstream, R&B, and Neo soul. He is presently working on his sophomore ablum "Love, Sweat and Tears" which is tentatively scheduled to be released June 30, 2007.

You can purchase music by daRome Bentley through most of the major .com music stores, like Virgin Records, Best Buy, & CD Baby to name a few. Be sure to check daRome's official website at http://www.daromebentley.com or visit him on Myspace at http://www.myspace.com/daromebentley.

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