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Everybody Needs a Break

Written by Lakesha Woods

Everybody needs a break. I know I do; being a single mother of five children is far from easy and more than often it seems as though my work is never done. If you’ve been labeled a work – a – holic, yet when the day is done you feel like you still have more work to do; then you need a break. Achieving goals on time, being the top producer or just the number one guy or girl, are all good things to work toward. However, working too much can cause you to feel completely drained both physically and mentally and it is not a good feeling.

     I can recall a time when I was working two jobs, running a small business and taking care of my children; it was a disaster and I was tired! I’m sure some of you are familiar with the scrupulous standards in (some) corporate businesses. In my opinion, the demands that companies put on their employees are absolutely ridiculous. Raises based on seniority, that’s a phrase from the past … forget about it! With quotas, high turn over rates, and the responsibilities shifted to middle management, the pressure is overwhelming and the only way employees will see a raise is based on their performance. Performance under pressure which leaves them with only two choices, work or don’t work. When money is a factor, sad to say, most people just go for the gold. Whether right or wrong that's what usually happens. We’ll have another heart to heart about ethics in the work place another time, but for now let’s focus on how to break away.

     Step one in the process of breaking away is to call in! Call in, that’s right, call in sometimes! Now I’m not saying call in on a day when your work week has only totaled 25 hours for the week or when you don’t have sick time or vacation days available. No honeys, utilize your money, call in and get paid for it! Most companies don’t pay you for vacation days or sick time when it’s not used during the year. The rule is sort of like a jingle … if you don’t use it, you lose it, so be smart about this.

Step two, plan to take your days off while the kids are in school. That was lesson number one for me. I know you moms and dads want to spend time with your precious angels, but you have the weekends, holidays and all summer long to figure out how you’re going to work that out. You have to give yourself some private time.  I’ll be the first to admit that during my “private time” if my kids come to my door, I’ll acknowledge them and attend to them… if they really need me, but if it’s one of those moments where they’re just coming in my room to see what I’m doing, then I will politely tell them that mommy is having her private time right now and she doesn’t feel like having company. Believe it or not, if you say it the right way it won’t even hurt their feelings. In any case, try to plan to take a few days off during the week, while the kids are in school.

Step three, do things that you would normally consider to be a treat. Soak, your feet, get a pedicure, go to the barber shop in the middle of the day. Have a picnic with a friend; invite your spouse to stay home with you (at least one day).  Plan ahead and travel on your vacation or just sleep late for three days in a row! Bottom line … just break away!

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