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Jazz with a Taste of Blues

Ike and Val Woods

March 2006 - Vol. 5 Issue 5

Written by Lakesha Woods

As the cool, calm and collective crowd chilled to the smooth sounds of jazz , Ike and Val relaxed back stage; just waiting to let their energy flow. From the first song to the last the audience danced and clapped right out of their seats. The production staff of Jazz in the Gardens Concert really knew what they where doing when they added Ike and Val
to the show.

The sound in Valerie's mic seemed to be fading from time to time, but that didn't stop her from singing "Don't Play Me Like That"! Neither did it stop their fans from keeping up with the words. As it was time for the hip rocking, finger poppin group to rap it up, their fans moaned and groaned indicating that they didn't have enough. So Ike took it home or should I say he took it to church; giving them one last time to dance, clap their hands and one more taste of blues.

Visit Ike and Val's website: www.ikeandval.com