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Mind Body & Soul

The column Mind, Body & Soul features articles that relate to everyday thoughts that cross our minds and the reflection of our goals set forth for emotional, physical and spiritual growth. Lakesha Woods is the author of the column but it occasionally features other authors as guest writers or as feature stories, typically motivational speakers and other writers.

The articles that are archived from the Mind, Body & Soul column can be found by hovering your mouse over the link (Mind, Body & Soul) a list of articles will drop down and you can click on the article of your interest. Some of the articles are available for reprint or to be republished online and you may purchase a content license online to use them right away. Other articles may not be available for intimidate use, in that case you will have to contact our publisher directly and the publisher will make contact with the author on your behalf. Each article will list the proper route to take at the bottom of the article in the section that's titled "About this Article".