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Peace Within - Got to Have It!

Written by Valerie Woods

Ah, Peace.  Divine order is what keeps the universe spinning in a controlled like manner.  And, it is what keeps the soul in the divine flow with the universe.  You’re probably saying how I can achieve peace when there are so many stressful situations around me.  To that I answer, just go within.  I have found that this works for me.  My day just doesn’t seem to go right until I go within.  Some call it meditation.  Some call it being still.  What ever name you give it, it is an excellent way to stay centered and focused. 

There are several methods of meditation.  The one that I use that works for me is as follows:

Start off by sitting comfortably on a padded floor or chair in a quiet room with eyes closed.   Saying a prayer of protection is a must.  During meditate the spirit actually travels.  Prayer is a protective shield; just decree that God’s protective light surrounds around you.  

First, began the meditation by breathing deeply and slowly.  As you inhale visualize each breath cleansing and calming the body starting with the toes, feet, ankles, calves, knees and so on.  With each exhale visualize toxins and stress leaving the body.

Following the relaxing breathing exercise; return to normal breathing and start repeating one syllable positive words silently.  Example:  love, light, God, Christ, peace, Yah, faith, etc.   You will find that your mind has a mind of its own. You’re going to be thinking of things you need to do, things you have to do, what you’re going to have for dinner.  Any and everything is going to pop up in your mind.  But, be gentle with yourself and come back to the meditation each time you find your thoughts drifting away.

Next, imagine yourself in a beautiful setting of your choice.  My favorites are a beautiful beach with white sand, blue sky and ocean or sitting near a water fall in a green sunlit forest.  You can do this while silently repeating the one syllable word if you like.  To take it even further you may want to meet the spiritual guide of your choice there.  It may be Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed or whomever you choose.  Greet them and begin to walk to a house that you see several feet ahead.  The house represents you.  Visualize the house in detail.  When you reach the door open with the key that you have in your hands.  Walk inside (still accompanied by your spiritual teacher); down a beautiful hall way to a lovely bedroom (the bedroom represents your heart).  Inside the bedroom are two chairs.  One chair is for you, the other for your spiritual teacher.  You both sit and you pick up the remote, which is then used to close the drapes, blinds and door.  You find yourself in total (but pleasant) darkness.  Begin to meditate on emptiness.

Start off with five minute meditations.  Add five minutes at your own pace.  Work your way up to a twenty minute meditation or more if you desire .  Do this every day and you will find that your thinking will be clearer,  every day stress will not ruffle you and you will begin to look and feel calmer and more youthful.   Meditation lowers the pulse rate, quiets the mind and helps you “be still”. Learning to “be still” has brought miracles to my life, obstacles seem to vanish and life flows along at a smoother pace. I rarely miss a day of meditation and when I do, I can feel the difference.

It is extremely important to view the world through the eyes Of God (remember we were made in His image).  How do we do this? Simply ask God to help you.  When you ask your higher self for assistance, it is always there.  When you see the world through the eyes of your God self, it is then that you realize there is never any reason to get upset.  In other words don’t sweat the small stuff and in reality everything is small stuff.  Things are never as bad as it seems.

I have learned to include my higher self in every phase of my life.  It is like having a Genie in a Bottle.  Ask and you shall receive.  Be consistent with your “being still”.  Remember practice makes permanent. A calm mind coupled with patience is a powerful tool.