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First Class Entertainment at Your Service!

Written by  Lakesha  Woods

Just before stepping out of the car, I glanced in the sun visor's mirror to make a sure that my lips were sealed tight with a glowing red shine. I walk up the steps and before I could reach the door I looked to my right and there stood Mr. Tim Ralph ... adjusting his tie. This entertainment business sure does keep you on your P's and Q's (I thought to myself). I recognized his face from his Myspace Profile and I said, "Hello, Tim"! Surprised, he said, "Lakesha, come on in, let me show you around"! Amazed at the architecture of the building, I gazed at the ceiling and looked high and low. Carib is a beautiful establishment and with first class entertainment at your service, who didn't enjoy themselves on April 27th ...

Tim and I started the interview and then shortly afterward his busy buddy Mike popped in. Mike Mosely of Blue Light Entertainment. Yes, he's the other half of the dynamic duo that's rocking and rolling with great events in Weschester County.
The two gentlemen broke it down for me... how they met, what they're trying to achieve and what you can expect from events that they produce.

As the crowd strolled in I notice that the people appeared to be 25 and older, which definitely set the tone for a grown and sexy evening. The theme colors were red and white.The night began with a lovely fashion show. The models really warmed up the atmosphere. The men really came out of there shells after that fashion extravaganza! Then Margot B (who's interview you can find in Unsigned Hype) opened for Calvin Richardson and Carl Thomas. What a line up! Ummm, Ummm, Ummm, oh no ... it appears I'm lost for words on that note! Seriously speaking, the talent was great! Tim and Mike showed out! And I danced all night long! As a courtesy, Enjoy Life Magazine has inserted three media files so you can listen to the interview! If you want to find quality entertainment in a mature setting I would advise that you attend functions that are coordinated by Ralph Productions and Blue Light Entertainment. Fashion Fridays features well known entertainment on the last Friday of every month at Club Carib located at 455 North Ave, New Rochelle, New York.

Check out the audio interviews:
Tim & Mike Part 1
Tim & Mike Part 2

Tim & Mike Part 3

Performance by Margot B, Calvin Richardson and Carl Thomas

Quick Snaps from Fashion Fridays at Club Carib in New Rochelle, New York