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Revolutionary Entertainment... Vol. 5; Issue 10 ~ Featured Dec. 15, 2006

  The Men Behind the Vision that's Causing a Revolution!

Written by Lakesha Woods

Mic Check - Mic Check - One -Two- One -Two! Ah Yeah, a change is busting the seams of mainstream entertainment. A revolution is taking place and I had the opportunity to speak with the four (very intelligent) men who own and manage Revolutionary Entertainment! Ian and Alex Grant brothers originally from Delaware, Curtis Buchanan and Terrance from Philadelphia. It's almost like a story fit for the big screen; four boys growing up together who all share a love for music, entertainment and fun. Scattered in different directions throughout the years but surprisingly arriving at the same destination ... entertainment.

I listened as the gentlemen gathered around the phone preparing themselves for the interview. I shouted, how ya'll doing? They answered slowly but in no time they warmed up and became very eager to express their love for entertaining their patrons. Ian, the Chief Operating Officer is the main delegator. He manages Neil Carr, actor and model and he also works very closely with Calvin Richardson. While he insists that all decisions are made as a whole he appears to stand out as the front person for the company. Alex is the head coordinator of Promotions he also manages Revolutionary Music. Currently he is managing one Hip Hop artist, David Joyner aka DOE. Curtis and Terrance manage the Street Team operations and together they all make things happen. I asked them why did they choose entertainment out of all the ventures that are out here ... why entertainment. As each one of them shared their views ... Alex's response stuck with me the most because he said that they want to bring entertainment back to it's purest form; peopl
e having clean fun in an adult atmosphere. Terrance said, ""The key to our success in this business is that we offer versatility; you won't find just one type of crowd that we cater to".

On the music end ... Alex is working very hard with the up and coming Hip Hop artist Doe. He expressed that he's been through a lot with this artist and that the goal behind his management style is to effectly provide the artist with what he needs.

~Neil Carr~
Neil Carr is an actor and model; he recently participated in the Jim Jones Fashion Show and he has also participated in shows with artist such as Eve. He's been in many independent flims to name a few he's been featured in "Through My Eyes", "Strive" and "The Last Night". Neil has teamed up with Revolutionary Entertainment to enhance his career; quickly advancing in his career, Neil Carr should be considered as a rising star.
Revolutionationay Entertainment is responsible for a number of memorable events; the Yacht Party in Charlotte, North Carolina, Thirsty Thursday at the Caribbean Lagoon, Black Friday, Intimate Nights with Calvin Richardson, Thirsty Thursdays at The Colosseum and so much more. The team is consistently coordinating weekly events in Charlotte that amazingly branch out across the country. The entertainment company also has a one other sister company Revolutionary Vacations, which handles everything from air fare to vacations. This winter Revolutionary Entertainment will host a food drive and this summer the gentlemen have plans to sponsor a Unity Day.  They are very adamant about giving back to their communities and showing love.

To Contact Revolutionationay Entertainment visit the company's website at : http://www.revolutionaryentertainment.net

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