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Unsigned Hype features Sophia G

 Interview with Lakesha Woods Published Nov. 15 - Dec 15, 2006 / Volume 5 Issues 8 & 9 

 Sophia G has a very soulful and full voice; her song "Let Me Go" exemplifies the rich clear style that she has. Just listen to her ... the song is playing now. I had the opportunity to interview this rising star back in August. Sophia is certainly ready to take her singing career to the next level.

Lakesha: Sophia,when did you realize that your talent was singing?
Sophia: "I don't remember. I think one day I hit all the right notes by mistake in church one day and I thought if I practiced I could do that more often".
Lakesha: What artists have or has influenced your style?
Sophia: "Clearly The Woods, The Miracle Lights - local people who I got the chance to experience at a young age. These were my first real concerts, and probably a lot more gospel artists, but I'm not so influenced now a days - I kinda just do what I feel. But I have been feeling the old school jazz scene lately. Some Ella Fitz., if u know what I mean."
Lakesha: Can you perform or are you just a singer?
Sophia: "I guess you'll just have to find out when u buy a Madison Square Garden ticket in 2008!"
Lakesha: Are you looking for a producer, manager or are you going to market yourself until you catch someone's eye/ear?
Sophia: "I'm just worried about the quality of the music right now. That way I can raise the bar for my representation."
Lakesha: Well that defiantly says a lot about your character. You obviously love music! Sophia please Tell Enjoy Life Readers what motivates you to write ... love, relationship, life ... in you own words; please tell us how you create your lyrics and what type of songs should we expect to hear from Sophia G.
Sophia: "Life influences me. Everyday that I live I've got something to write about. Expect a rush and a musical high like you've never felt. I want the repeat button to become your best friend."
Lakesha: Thank you Sophia, I'm sure you're bound for success so fly girl, fly and let the wind beneath your wings elevate you to your highest height.