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The Mean Green, What Does Money Equal?

Written by Lakesha Woods

Does money equal happiness? It's not a trick question, rather one that you should think about. For some, money is everything, some will live to give it while others will die trying to keep it. It's considered to be the route of all evil but by the same token it can be considered as the cure to all problems. Money isn't bad though. Money is just an object, a symbol that represents one's financial worth.

The intentions of the individual who owns the money is what we should look at. Ultimately everything in this world is controlled by a greater force or being and money is a just a piece of matter that is controlled by humans who's thoughts control the world. So money equals, tree, dye and numbers. The mean and evil thoughts come from men and women who desire to control more than what can be handled and using the tree, dye and numbers as a false representative to compel people to do what they want. So, really the man or woman with the most money runs the show but they only get to run the show by exercising some greatness, by showing the people in their environment that they are worth the tree, dye and numbers. Money is out here but the large sums only shift to the people who are qualified to control it. Money equals success, money equals a better quality of life (for some) and money does equal power. If you can prove that you have something of demand ... knowledge, talents, products or services; if people in your environment feel that you are the best, then the tree, dye and numbers will shift to you. Just remember one thing though, money is just a piece of matter that is controlled by you. Your thoughts control what you will do and how you will use your money. Don't allow the tree, dye and numbers to control your motives, your life or your original character. Remember, money changes everything, just don't let it change you. Well, that's a wrap for me... I would give you all more, but I've just given you my best. So until we meet again - Live, Love, Laugh & Learn ... Enjoy Life!

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  • Title: "The Mean Green, What does Money Equal?"
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  • Published inside Enjoy Life Magazine November 15, 2006; Volume 5 Issues 8 & 9
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