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This is the Website Content Agreement to be used for online publications or websites (only). You may complete the agreement online for faster processing and to receive your content within 24 hours. If you prefer to print and mail click here. If you need a Content license for a print publication click here.
WHEREAS,  Licensee has established a World Wide Web site and with the web addresses of :
the ("Site"), and Licensor has content and information that the Licensee wishes to license;
NOW THEREFORE, the parties hereby agree to the following terms:

1. License.
(a) Licensor hereby grants the Licensee a non-exclusive world wide license ("the license") for use in an online publication or website. The license also permits the Licensee to publish related information such as the author's name and copyright information.

(b) Licensor shall provide the content within 24 hours and for 7 consecutive days it will be available for download for (if electronic agreement and payment is received). Alternatively, the content will be delivered within 7 business days of receiving a hard copy agreement and payment by US mail. The Licensor shall provide the content in a format that will allow the Licensee to easily upload or post the Licensed content onto the Site. This Website Content License will be effective from the date that the content is delivered to the Licensee.

(c) Licensee agrees to remove the licensed content by the expiration date  which is the end of the licensed term and it will be included with the delivery of the content. There will be no reminders sent to the Licensee, however if the content is found to still be published on the Licensees site, the Licensee will bill an additional $10 per month until the content is removed.

2. Fees.
In connection with the License the Licensee shall pay the Licensor the following fees:

100 to 500 Words

(2-3 Pages)

501 to 1000 Words

(2-3 Pages)

1001 Words up to 1500

3-4 Pages

90 days -    $60.00

90 days -  $90.00

90 days - $150.00

180 days - $120.00

180 days - $180.00

180 days - $300.00

365 days - $240.00

365 days  - $360.00

365 days - $600.00

Initial below to acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms of the License in part 1 and the Fees in part 2:
We offer the following editorial titles:
We accept:
By providing my electronic signature I acknowledge that I have read the terms of the Website Content License and I further acknowledge that this is a legal and binding agreement in a court of law. I agree to use the content only on the website that I have applied for and I understand that the license is effective upon successful receipt of my payment and delivery of the selected content.
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