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With Freedom No Cry

Written by Barry Newman  

What is the Revolution? What is the Movement? How does the revolution move? The revolution means transformation and change. The movement is what we do to make the transformation.  Therefore the revolution moves by talking, writing collaborating, designing, uniting and finally implementing.  This is how we free ourselves…

The revolution begins inside oneself.  You must renew your mind by changing the way you think. Renew your body by changing what you put into it.  Renew your soul by accepting God's spirit.  Understanding that we been contaminated by the miss education of this land.  So stop calling your brothers' and sisters' the "N" word, for this is one of the ways that we, as a people are still mentally enslaved.  There is no other word that can be positive term of endearment and/or have a negative connotation all in the same breath.  If you must use the "N" word, 2pac said it best "NEVER IGNORANT GETTING GOALS ACCOMPLISHED" This is the type of NIGGA will lead us best.  Self liberation is the first test.  You must pass if you want to be a part of the quest…For Freedom!

With Freedom No Cry!

Revolution needs to take place in our families.  Family just isn't family anymore.  To many mothers' and fathers' that doesn’t support their children.  Too many babies rising babies, to many families not teaching their family how to be family… Families of broken homes because sex is now recreation instead of procreation, families of many siblings and many baby daddies…  So how can families today pass down heritage when they don't know their next of kin?  Families more out balance then ever before; oh lord. Now are families or choosing same sexual side, not understanding that this is the plague of human demise.  We need to move in our families by creating a new culture of trust, togetherness, love, support, history, heritage and harmony.

With freedom no Cry!

The revolution needs to take place in our communities. Communities that don't embrace each others families, communities that are not involved in their school policies, communities with no standard of cleanliness and communities killing inside of communities! We must move by educating parents and children on what our strong culture use to be.  We must move by getting our parents in to the school system.  Understand that as a community we can make the school system work for the needs of the youth in our community.  We must move in our community churches and the churches must move outside the walls of its congregation back into the community.  God's gospel can set us free. With freedom no cry!

The revolution has to take place in our country.  Revolution must take place in politics and government.  For this to take place we need more educated black faces.  A revolution in our music, media and TV images, for reality TV is not my reality.  This revolution will reverse the negative images of our people by showing our greatness.  We need to move into getting our own television stations, TV shows, record labels and distribution/manufactory companies. Through power of music we can restructure our culture and once again be true kings and queens.  We must move by supporting our conscious HIP HOP, Rap and neo-soul.  This does not mean buying boot-leg CD's.  You see the commercial audience that buys 80% of our music likes to be entertained by our difficulties.  We need to use these mediums to clearly publicize what needs to take place in our country to set us free. Some say the revolution will not be televised. The revolution will not be televised! But it should be, because the TV is what created most of this insanity. By televising the revolution, it will set us free. With freedom no cry!

A revolution must take place in the world.  We need revolution from war to peace, to end slavery in third world countries and to end hunger in poverty stricken nations.  A revolution must take place in Africa because it is still not free.  A wise man once said "if it's been done once it can be done again".  Just imagine how majestic Africa could be.  However this can only be done with the help of African Americans.  With freedom no cry!

Remember you can and must make a difference in yourself, family, community, country, and the world if you believe.  But we must stop just talking and move in order to get the wheels spinning on this movement.  Let's move in books, spoken word, music, and TV.  These are the tools to set me and you free!

With freedom no cry! 

With freedom no cry!

With freedom no cry!


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  • Title: "With Freedom No Cry"
  • Author: Barry Newman
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  • Published inside Enjoy Life Magazine: August 30, 2008; Volume 9; Issue 3